It's Not Difficult to Create Impressive Webpages and why quality Web Design Packages Is So Effective.

Small Business Website

The presence of absence of a professional and clean website design is up to you, and those choices will effect who does business with you or opts in to your newsletter, etc. There are no hard and fast template designs to use, but rather your site just needs to be professional looking and fit in well with whatever market you are in. Don't feel so all alone if you have been banging your head against the wall. There is too much to talk about everything, but we can explain how your sites can produce better responses from your visitors.

Use 404 Pages to Your Advantage: It's fairly common for people to make typos when they're trying to find something online, and this can lead to a 404 error page. Many website owners don't realize the connection between 404 pages and smart web design. The relevance is that when a prospect reaches your 404 page, he or she is likely to click away and never find your active pages. What you should do is transform the default 404 page, which is essentially a dead end into a menu where the visitor can easily find the part of your website where you want them. It's easy to lose hundreds of visitors if you don't take this step, especially if your site is a high traffic site. You can design the 404 page however you want, as long as you make it easy for the visitor to find your site.

If you have a header, and not all sites use one, but obviously you should include a home page link that is prominent.

There are a bunch of different ways to get this done, but it has to be obvious that it is the link back to the main page. You want to give people the ability to quickly "go home" on each and every page. You can annoy your readers if your nav structure is sloppy - as amazing as that sounds it is true. Just about always if you see a logo up top, and it is also a link - it is a read more way to click back to the main page.

Use a Favicon: There are small things that make a big difference when it comes down to web design; one such thing is the Favicon or the "favorite icon". It's not hard to install a favicon, and this will add to the professionalism of your site. You'll be able to have your personal logo appear in the URL area. Favicons also work with social bookmarking, so as people bookmark your pages, your icon will appear, helping to make your site memorable.

There are entire books written about website design, but you can discover enough so you can make your niche sites look quite nice. We always recommend people think about their market and the audience who will be using the site.

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